In 1997, while putting together a small home recording studio in my garage, it came time to do some shopping for studio racks to hold my gear. I was looking for something unique and attractive that would add a touch of style to the room, but wouldn't empty my bank account. I searched the Internet and found a number of studio rack manufacturers, but most of their products were simply particle-board covered in black laminate or simulated wood grain. Others were of fine quality but were well out of my price range. So I thought..."Why not just build a rack myself?". I can paint it any color I want, stain it, make it any size I need, and I'll probably save a few bucks in the process. So, I did. Actually, I made a few more than I needed, and I posted the extras up for sale online. They sold almost immediately. In fact, not only did they sell quickly, but I also received several requests for more and a few inquiries about some custom racks.

I've been busy ever since.

Nice-Racks are constructed of solid Pine furniture-grade panels...not just pressed wood or particle board covered in a laminate like some studio racks, but 100% real wood. The panels are cut to size and the components joined together securely using pocket-hole construction and self-tapping pocket-hole screws. The front sides and top edges are rounded, then the racks are sanded and stained. The finish is a clear matte enamel, scuff sanded between coats, to preserve the look and feel of real wood. Finally, hardware is installed and the fully assembled rack is boxed up and shipped out to its new home.

Nice-Racks are designed to accomodate standard 19" rackmountable studio gear. The rack rails are constructed of durable, high-quality steel with black powder-coat finish and are included and installed on every rack. They are threaded to accept standard 10-32 rack screws and are full hole spaced. Every rack also comes standard with 4 rubber feet installed. I can also install casters and/or handles for an additional charge. And you can choose from any one of the attractive Minwax oil & water based stain colors that best match your decor.

Nice-Racks is a one-man operation run out of a small workshop in my basement. Each and every rack is made by me personally and is constructed completely by hand, not thrown together on an assembly line...so every rack is totally unique. You can be assured that your rack is assembled with just as much care and attention to detail as that first rack I made for myself back in 1997. 

David Tatelbaum

Owner/Rackmaster  ;-)