Q: What are Nice-Racks made of and how are they constructed?

A: All Nice-Racks Studio Racks are made of 100% Pine edge-glued panels, 3/4" thick. They are constructed using the pocket-hole method, for its strength and simplicity.

Q: How far back from the front edge do you mount your rack rails?

A: Rack rails are mounted approximately 1/2" from the front edge. This can be modified if needed...just ask.

Q: How do I know which depth to choose for my rack?

A: Depth should typically be determined by your largest (deepest) piece of equipment. For instance, if your deepest piece is 13", you should add 1/2" for the rail setback, and another 1-2" for any rear cabling requirements. In this case, a 16" deep rack would comfortably house the unit and its rear cables.

Q: Why would I need rear rails, casters, or handles?

A: Handles, rear rails, and caster wheels are optional items.

Handles would only be needed if you’ll be carrying or transporting the rack around quite a bit.

Rear rails are typically used for one of two scenarios. The first is for exceptionally deep or heavy equipment such as big power amps and the like. In this case, some of these components have mounting ears at the front and rear and would require rear rails to hold up the extra weight in the back. The second scenario is simply for mounting equipment in both the front and rear…usually shallow gear such as patch bays or power conditioners. If you are just mounting equipment in the front of your rack, more than likely you won’t have a need for rear rails.

Caster wheels are useful if you have to move the rack around the room often. 

Q: Are your Nice-Racks Studio Racks a good choice for the road?

A: Probably not. Our studio racks are designed more as stationary furniture for indoor use in home and pro studios rather than for use on the road.  

Q: How do I keep my Nice-Racks Studio Rack looking good?

A: Lemon Pledge and a soft cloth works best. 

Q: Do you make custom racks or modifications?

A: Absolutely! Fill out the Contact Form with as much info as possible and I'd be happy to help you work out a design to suit your needs. If you're looking for some inspiration, visit the Nice-Racks Facebook page to view our Photo Albums.

Q: Do you ship your racks internationally?

A: Yes...but you'll need to contact me for a shipping quote first. Currently, the website is set up only for shipments within the US. Contact me with your order info, country, and postal code and I'll be happy to provide a shipping quote and a Paypal invoice for you to place your order.